Product Review - Hair Chalking


I’m sure you have heard of “hair chalking” if you are a fan of pinterest.  I thought it looked so awesome.  No commitment, looks easy and seems fun!  I bought a hair chalking color from one of the hair stores that you need a license for.  I was SO excited about it.  So, Saturday night, I decided to color a few strands pink.  I put a glove on and colored my hair, it really looked awesome!!  I took the glove off, sprayed the strands with hairspray to seal it as suggested on the box and then all of a sudden, the side of my face was pink.  Ok, no big deal, washed it off my face.  Well then it got on my hands, OMG, washed my hands again.  Then I looked on my counter…yep, all over my counter.  That was enough, I tried to wipe it off my hair with Kleenexes.  It was fine, my hair just had a tint of pink, still cool right?!?  Well it was until I woke up in the morning and my EAR was pink.  What. A. Nightmare.  Don’t touch this stuff, seriously.  Seems like an awesome concept but it just gets EVERYWHERE.  It’s like glitters cousin.